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Current Interests

Random Forest and Extensions

Random forest is a classification and regression algorithm with sound theory that has been shown to answer a variet of Machine Learning Problems. Here we try to understand the algorithm better and develop new tests, classifiers, etc. based on Random Forest.

Multivariate Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing allows scientists to test their hypotheses. Many current standards perform poorly on high-dimensional and highly nonlinear data. Here, we develop tests that perform well in those situations, and package it nicely in a Python package.

Past Interests

Robust Electrochemical Sensors for FSCV

Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) is a chemical technique that allows for real-time visualization of electrochemical molecules. Many molecules appear to have a similar signature of hydrogen peroxide using this technique. Here, we develop a sensor that allows selective quantification of hydrogen peroxide and also allows visualization of other species like dopamine.

Developing Solutions for Hand Spasticity

A common side effect after strokes is development and hand spasticity, and the current standard is to use a static brace. Here we develop a device that allows for dynamic physical therapy for hand spasticity.

Surgical Site Infection Prevention

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) are one of the leading causes of Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs). Here we prototype a spray that prevents these infections.