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Sambit Panda

Biomedical Engineering PhD Candidate

I'm a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins, where I am advised by Joshua T. Vogelstein in the NeuroData lab. Most days, I develop and apply high-dimensional and nonlinear machine learning algorithms to answer interesting biomedical questions. Here's a little bit more about me.


Here are some of my favorite research articles that I have written. If you want to read more, here is the full publication list.


I love solving difficult problems, and often times develop software to help. If you want to see more, here is the full software list.

Scikit-learn compatible decision trees beyond those offered in scikit-learn.
hyppo (HYPothesis Testing in PythOn, pronounced “Hippo”) is an open-source software package for multivariate hypothesis testing.
Multiscale Graph Correlation (MGC) is a powerful, universally consistent independence test that performs well on high-dimensional and non-Euclidean data.