Developing Solutions for Hand Spasticity

Constructing a brace to help with physical therapy after stroke and to prevent hand spasticity


Spasticity is a medical disorder in which the joints stiffen to the point that they cannot move. This can occur all over the body, but the periphery is particularly susceptible. This is especially common in stroke patients, and specifically hand spasticity is common among stroke patients. When touring the ICU rooms at Duke University Hospital as part of our project, we observed that many patients were using braces that just stablized the hand in an open state and allowed for no movement. So, this project designs a better treatment for hand spasticity that allows patients a full range of motion over their appendages and strengthen the muscles in their hand.

This project was my senior design project, and as part of the funding for our project, we participated in the i4 Pitch competition. As mentioned before, this is a 5 minute pitch competition put on each year by an anonymous donor to the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC and NC State. We recieved first place in the first two of three pitches as part of the competition.

Can’t share specific details, signed NDA

📚 Developing Solutions for Hand Spasticity

🏆 Won 1st Place on Pitch 1 & 2

Sambit Panda, Sara Riley, Elliot Krause, Rahul Kathard, Kendall Wiggins, and Trey Alredge

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May 5, 2018
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